#TeamTurnout is a volunteer program to amplify voting resources, combat disinformation, and rally Democrats to vote! We’re brought to you by Progressive Turnout Project, the largest voter contact organization in the country.

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Example Caption Think of all the things we’ve accomplished in less than two years. We made that happen when we showed up to vote in 2020, and we can keep moving forward by voting again this year! TeamTurnout.org/vote #TeamTurnout

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All-Purpose Reminders

You have the right to vote if you're in line by the time polls close. Stay in line and vote! #TeamTurnout
Thanks to the nonpartisan Election Protection coalition, trained volunteers are ready to answer your questions about voting! Save the number in case you or another voter needs it. #TeamTurnout

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It's easy to miss! Friendly reminder to PA voters using mail ballots: you must write today's date on the outer envelope when you sign it. #TeamTurnout
Don't miss your chance to vote! The last day to register to vote online in North Carolina is October 14 — or, register when you vote at a One-Stop Early Voting location through November 5. Learn more at TeamTurnout.org/NC #TeamTurnout

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Vote Blue

Think of all the things we've accomplished in less than two years. We made that happen when we showed up to vote in 2020, and we can keep moving forward by voting again this year! TeamTurnout.org/vote #TeamTurnout
Extremist politicians are working to take away our freedoms, including the right to legal abortion. I'm voting to fight back. #TeamTurnout

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Recruit Others

Join me and help spread the word about voting! #TeamTurnout is all about meeting voters where they are by posting reminders, nudges, and resources on your social networks. Get started at TeamTurnout.org/team
Progressive Turnout Project needs YOU to rally Democrats to vote! Work your own schedule as a paid Field Representative or Community Mobilizer. Learn more at turnoutpac.org/jobs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anywhere your friends and family will see them! These images are formatted to post on any social media platform, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, or anywhere else, including one of your group chats! The goal is simply to reach voters where they are.

To post, just tap or click any image to download it, then share it on the platform of your choice. You can use our suggested captions or write your own.

Yes! #TeamTurnout is all about reaching voters where they are, and that includes everyone in your social network, whether that’s 10 people or 10,000. For many infrequent voters, a nudge or message from someone they know personally is the difference between voting and not voting.

For blind and low-vision voters who use screen readers, the text in these images won’t be readable — so be sure to use alt text to make these resources accessible to all. 

Alt text is a plain-text description of an image you can include when you share it. For example, alt text for one of the resources above may simply read: “Election Day is Tuesday, November 8.”

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Winning in November means reaching every voter we can between now and then! Here are other ways you can make a difference: 

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